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Young Bird

Hey, I'm Ceyla Barton. You might've met me when I was sixteen, but time has past and I'm now 18. People around here call me Little Hawk, because my dad is Clint Barton. Also, I'm not as naive as I once was, and I'm stronger as an archer. Oh, and I'm also considered a Youngvenger. (( FC is Vanessa Hudgens. ))

daughterofahawk got lost in the darkness


“ШHΨ ∏ΘƬ?”

"Ugh fine, but I don’t know where to even begin."


daughterofahawk started following you


Heya there.

"Hi, I’m Ceyla Barton."



“Hawkeye is my father. He’s rather well-known, since he’s one of the Avengers. Anyway, I’m called Ceyla. Ceyla Barton.” she said as she watched him. He didn’t seem to know who her father was, which made her a bit happy.

“Avengers… Huh interesting.”

He had no idea and really didn’t seem to care either. The devil didn’t really give a care to things that didn’t matter for him unless he was going to get something good out of it. He felt himself leering slightly but his expression changed immediately into something of concern. “Are you upset with all the fame that you get with the name like his? Hmm?”  He was far too curious for his own good.

"It is tiring. How people use me to get to him. I mean, the friends I thought I had, all turn out to be fake." she said as she watched him. She had tried to live a normal life, but everyone seemed to know who she was and who her father was. All she wanted, was to just be like other girls.

"Hello father. How have you been?"



“I’m going to need it. I need to be a better archer. I mean, I need to be at my best, because Loki’s on the lose and he can’t be trusted.”

Oh, the irony. Falcon clicked his tongue twice, leaning back against the wall. “Right. In a week, I’ll take y’to my cabin up in Alaska, we’ll start trainin’ as soon as we get there.”

"Thanks daddy. You’re the best."


Jake shrugged. “Not my business what ya do.”

Ceyla studied him, ensuring she memorized his face. “Before I go, I want to know your name.”



“That man looked nice, but I can’t trust anybody but daddy. Loki could be anywhere…”